The Land and the Refinery: Past, Present, and Future

The Environmental Data Justice Lab at the Technoscience Research Unit is researching the history, operations and pollution activities of the Imperial Oil Refinery in Canada’s Chemical Valley, one of the oldest refineries in North America. Chemical Valley is located on Anishinaabe land and surrounds Aamjiwnaang First Nation. This Indigenous-led research project aims to gather together  and make publicly accessible information about this refinery in order to assist Aamjiwnaang community members in advocating for less pollution and the future of chemical valley they want. We hope this research will also help to hold companies responsible for the pollution and health harms they create. The story of this Imperial Oil Refinery demonstrates the relationship between pollution and colonialism in Canada.

This project is creating an interactive website for the community about the history and pollution practices of the Imperial Oil Refinery.  While experts often share highly technical information that is hard to put to use, this information fails to describe what it is like to live in Chemical Valley.   Learn More Here

In order to be done in a good way, this project needs to be guided by the knowledge and vision of  Aamjiwnaang community members, from youth to Elders. We invite anyone who is interested to

  • share knowledge, hopes and stories about Imperial Oil,  
  • join us at community events that will guide the research and design of the interactive website.
  • just comment on the project.  

This is an Indigenous-led project organized at the Technoscience Research Unit at the  University of Toronto, led by Vanessa Gray, Michelle Murphy, Kristen Bos,  and Reena Shadaan.

Contact us to learn more or get involved.

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