Nicole Charles is an Assistant Professor in the Women & Gender Studies at University of Toronto Mississauga. She holds an MA in Women’s Studies and Feminist Research from the University of Western Ontario, and obtained an undergraduate degree with Distinction from McGill University in International Development Studies and Social Studies of Medicine. Her interdisciplinary areas of interest include sexuality, claims to citizenship, and the racialization of health, science, and new biotechnologies. Nicole has been awarded the 2013 National Graduate Essay Prize from the Women’s and Gender Studies et Recherches Féministes, a 2013-2014 Ontario Graduate Scholarship, and, held a SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Doctoral Scholarship in support of her research which investigates issues of postcolonial biopolitics and sexuality in the British Caribbean through a transnational feminist lens.



Emily Astra-Jean Simmonds is a PhD candidate in the department of Science and Technology Studies at York University. Her activist research practice is primarily energized by questions about, consent, exposure and colonial infrastructures, toxic sovereignties and the biopolitics of settler colonialism in the neoliberal present.  Currently, her work focuses on how uranium economies and ecologies amplify and produce colonial geographies, and the various ways in which asymmetrical exposures to toxins and radiological hazards are rendered permissible. As a Métis feminist scholar she is committed to actions that support just and mutually considered livable futures.  She is also a member of the Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research (CLEAR) based in St. John’s NFLD, and the Digital Research Ethics Collaboratory in Toronto, ON.



Erica Violet Lee is a graduate student in the Department of Social Justice Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. She is the nēhiyaw philosopher queen, an Indigenous feminist, and community organizer from inner-city Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. You can find her writing here.



Alex Jung is a researcher and graduate student in political science at the University of Toronto. Focusing on current and future scenarios on the Korean peninsula, Alex works on articulating how information is to be mobilised for the public good in environments of historically controlled access to information in source, form, and content. Prior to joining the lab, Alex studied the philosophy of belief and media representation of androgyny at the University of Chicago—and is invested in thoroughly examining the accompanying ethos and teleology that permeate the project.


Nicholas Shapiro is a fellow at the Technoscience Research Unit and at Public Lab. His research leverages interdisciplinary collaborations to interrogate the limits and possibilities of environmental change. His work ranges from collaboratively developing air quality monitoring and mitigation technologies for impacted communities (more [/]here) to working on a utopic art project known as the aerocene. He will join the faculty of UCLA’s Institute of Society and Genetics in July 2019.

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