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Talking The Land and the Refinery

Our sincerest thanks to our colleague Garance Malivel, currently a student and research coordinator at York University, who generously donated their time and labour to help us produce this video conversation. 


The Environmental Data Justice Lab at the TRU has spent the past year working on The Land and the Refinery, an ongoing project focused on industry pollution in Aamjiwnaang First Nation; so far, it includes a website and mobile app, both launched in 2019, that were built to share information with the general public and Aamjiwnaang community members about the area known to some as Chemical Valley. Recently (and pre-social distancing), leading forces on the project – environmental researcher and land protector Vanessa Gray, TRU lab manager Kristen Bos, and TRU director Michelle Murphy – gathered to have a conversation about how the project got started, where it is today, and what’s next. They discuss the issue of pollution in Aamjiwnaang First Nation, using the Pollution Reporter mobile app to record pollution, and how they are working with their team, including lab members Reena Shadaan and Ladan Siad, to build community resources and capacity for tracking and reporting chemical pollutants.

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