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EDGI Wins Making and Doing Distinguished Achievement Award from 4S!

Congratulations to EDGI on being awarded the Making and Doing Distinguished Achievement Award from 4S!

From the Society for Social Studies of Science,

“The STS Making and Doing initiative aims at encouraging 4S members to share scholarly practices of participation, engagement, and intervention in their fields of study. It highlights scholarly practices for producing and expressing STS knowledge and expertise that extend beyond the academic paper or book. By increasing the extent to which 4S members learn from one another about practices they have developed and enacted, the initiative seeks to improve the effectiveness and influence of STS scholarship beyond the field and/or to expand the modes of STS knowledge production.

The STS Making and Doing Awards formally acknowledge and celebrate distinctive achievements in practices of STS making and doing. It recognizes 4S members who have demonstrated scholarly excellence in formulating, enacting, and sharing theoretically-informed practices of participation, engagement, and intervention in their fields of study.”

We would like to give thanks for the personal contributions of: Lindsey Dillon, Nick Shapiro, Sara Wylie, Phil Brown, Gretchen Gehrke, Rebecca Lave, Christopher Sellers, Michelle Murphy, Toly Rinberg, Andrew Bergman, Maya Anjur-Deitrich, Dawn Walker, Stephanie Knutson, Matthew Price, Brendan O’Brien, Justin Schell, Lourdes Vera, Liz Barry, Britt Paris, Kyala Shea, Vivian Underhill, Meghan Martenyi, Dan Allan, Rob Brackett, Jeff Liu, Sarah Lamdan, Jennifer Liss Ohayon, Joan Donovan, and EDGI.