Reblog: Towards an Environmental Data Justice Statement: Initial Thoughts

TRU members Michelle Murphy, Matt Price, Dawn Walker, and Patrick Connolly joined EDGI at their Enacting Environmental Data Justice event 4S pre-event. Breaking off into three tracks, Michelle co-facilitated the Writing a Statement on Environmental Data Justice, Dawn facilitated the Data Together track, and Patrick facilitated the Open Track: Rapid Prototyping Social Interventions.

In the Writing a Statement on Environmental Data Justice track, participants collectively worked towards envisioning EDJ principles and tactics drawing on the initial EDJ prompts and bibliography. This work informed the conclusion of the upcoming report, “PURSUING A TOXIC AGENDA: Environmental Injustice in the Early Trump Administration.”

In the Data Together track, people discussed how communities can talk about and design ways to hold important data together, walked through current Data Together tutorials and went through a crash course on the decentralized web.

Finally, the Open Track: Rapid Prototyping Social Interventions workshopped how to make research protocols more feminist, more anti-colonial, more anti-oppressive, and more anti-racist, as well as had a discussion on how communities could self-assess lead contamination visually.

For more on EDGI’s 4s pre-event, check out their blog post.