The EDGI Toolkit — Built in Toronto!

The TRU is excited to announce the launch of the EDGI toolkit in support of data archivinghappy-archivers-in-toronto events and #DataRescue. The toolkit was made possible by the efforts of TRU members and the Civic Tech TO community, and all those who participated at the Guerrilla Archiving Event. If you are thinking about hosting your own event, this toolkit is great place to start. The TRU is proud to part of the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative, and to be partners with the DataRefuge and the growing network of institutions and researchers working defending evidence-based environmental governance.

As a result of our Guerrilla Archiving work, the Environmental Protection Agency is now the most thoroughly archived agency in the Internet Archive’s End of Term project.  We hope the toolkit started here will help to make sure other crucial programs and agencies will also be archived before cuts come.