Traversing Technologies Special Issue

Huge congratulations to Patrick Keilty on this wonderful special issue of Scholar and Feminist Online.  This issue is the culmination of a year long series Patrick organized on Queer and Feminist Technoscience at the University of Toronto.

enigma-symbiotica-stillIt includes articles by Shaka McGlotten, Scott Webel, Safiya Umoja Noble, Margaret Rhee, Lisa Cartwright, D. Andy Rice, Anna Fisher, and Janine Marchessault. In addition, it includes recordings of talks and transcripts by Shannon Bell, Micha Cárdenas, Lisa Cartwright, Jenn Jenson, Janine Marchessault, Shaka McGlotten, Michelle Murphy, Zabet Patterson, Kavita Philips, David Phillips, and Lucy Suchman. And video art by Praba Pilar.