New Catalyst :: Digital Militarisms

The TRU is thrilled to announce that Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, Technoscience Issue 2(1) is now live at

This issue has a feature section Digital Militarisms and cover art from Nao Bustamante. the issue includes work by Isra Ali, Jennifer Terry, Lucy Suchman, Marisa Brandt, Katherine Chandler, Emily Cohen Ibañez, D. Andy Rice, Eva Mae Gillis-Buck, and others.
Installation view of Soldadera, a series of works by Nao Bustamante exhibited at the Vincent Price Art Museum in 2015, curated by Jennifer Doyle. Foreground: “Kevlar Fighting Costumes” (set of 5), 2015; background: Rebozo, 2015 (video) and Soldadera, 2015 (wall piece). Photo: Dale Grine.


 The TRU is one node in a larger editorial collective that creates Catalyst.
The editorial collective thanks the contributing authors and extends special thanks to summer managing editor Hannah Zeavin, web designer and manager Monika Sengul-Jones, and past managing editor Cristina Visperas.
Our next issue  (Fall-Winter 2016) with  be organized around the feature section “Black Studies and Feminist Technoscience.”