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Keywords for Radicals

Congratulations to Kelly Fritsch, co-editor of Keywords for Radicals from AK Press.


Bringing together the insights of dozens of scholars and committed troublemakers, Keywords for Radicals constellates a vocabulary of contested words that shape today’s political landscape. Beginning from a consideration of the current radical context, each entry highlights a term’s contested variations, traces the evolution of its usage, and speculates about the radical implications of particular term-use trajectories.More than a glossary, Keywords for Radicals makes clear that contests over word usage and meaning are themselves meaningful. By forcing words to reveal the underlying social contradictions they symptomatically express, the contributors to this volume provide an important new vantage on the terrain—and the stakes—of contemporary struggle.

The Toronto launch will be on  MAY 13-15 at the Historical Materialism Conference along with a Roundtable Discussion with editors Kelly Fritsch and AK Thompson and contributors: Kate Kaul on “experience”; Bryan Palmer on “history”; Kanishka Goonewardena on “space”; Stefan Kipfer on “populism”; Himani Bannerji on “ideology”; Neil Balan on “war”; Mandy Hiscocks on “conspiracy.”