Congratulations to SEBASTIÁN GIL-RIAÑO

Congratulations to TRU alumni Sebastián Gil-Riaño on his new appointment as a tenure-track Assistant Professor in History & Sociology of Science at the University of Pennsylvania!

Sebastián is moving to this new position from his current postdoctoral fellowship in the Race and Ethnicity in the Global South project at the University of Sydney.  Sebastian was a long time TRU member and co-organizer of  2013-14 season of the Technoscience Salon on Critical Itineraries. Sebastian received his Phd from the IHPST from the University of Toronto, working with Prof. Michelle Murphy. Sebastián is currently working on his book Redemptive Journeys: Anti-racism in Science during the Global Twentieth Century., which historicizes notions of anti-racism in science and offers a multi-sited and multi-lingual narrative of how scientists from Latin America, Australasia, Europe and North America dismantled biological conceptions of ‘race’ and crafted socioultural and historical alternatives. The book looks beyond North Atlantic contexts and argues that the shift to anti-racism in science paved the way for an intensification of modernisation projects in the Global South during the Cold War.