The TRU collaborating with the Write2Know project

Write2Know Final Logo
In solidarity with the scientists working for the federal government, the Politics of Evidence Working Group, has launching the Write2Know Project, lead by Natasha Myers and Max Liboiron.
Write2Know is a letter-writing campaign that mobilizes the public to pose pressing questions to Canadian government scientists and ministers about the health of our bodies, communities, and environments.  The campaign aims to expose the injustices of government constraints on our access to federal science and scientists, the cancellation of research programs, and the closure of libraries and archives. The questions and letters we have prepared grapple with such urgent issues as: the government’s failure to conduct an inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women and girls; the environmental injustices of contaminants circulating in the far north; the misuse of climate data to promote industry-friendly forestry policies; and more. Take a look at the website to find out more about how it works.
Write2Know Week is March 23-27. Beyond March, the site will stay up to generate more signatures, and our hope is that it can be used as a teaching tool in university classrooms and public schools. How might you bring these issues into the classroom? Contact Write2Know if you want to collaborate to develop teaching kits!
The project is supported by Scientists for the Right to Know, Evidence for Democracy, DeSmog Canada, Canadian Journalists for Free Expression, CAUT, the Technoscience Research Unit, the Institute for Science and Technology Studies at York University and WaSTE at Memorial University. PIPSC, the union representing federal scientists has also given its support.
We need your support to get this campaign circulating widely.