The Politics of Evidence Working Group

TRU is excited to be one of the partners collaborating with the new Politics of Evidence Working Group organized by Natasha Myers. The Politics of Evidence Working Group is a coalition of academics, scientists, and activists working together to  challenge the fraught politics of evidence in Canada today, troubling the obstacles that interfere with our “right to know” about the health and well-being of our bodies, communities, and environments.  The group is concerned with the current Canadian government’s “war on science,” across the natural and social sciences. This includes the defunding of scientific research and environmental monitoring, the cancellation of the long form census, the closure of research stations, libraries, and archives, and the muzzling of federal scientists.  The goal of the group is to raise public awareness and to challenge existing barriers to research and the dissemination of research findings, whether such barriers come from the public or private sector. By interrogating the uses and abuses of evidence, we seek to highlight where science and technology in Canada intersect with issues of social and environmental justice.

The Politics of Evidence coalition is part of a broader network of organizations that include Scientists for the Right to Know, Evidence for Democracy, and Desmog.