NEXT TECHNOSCIENCE SALON :: Citizen Science with Brian Beaton and Eric Mykhalovskiy


November 14 :: Citizen Science

Placing “civic engagement” at the center of evidentiary regimes, the Citizen Science Salon invites participants to explore how collaborations between scientists and  citizens engage, disturb or subvert such regimes. Curious about how such collaborations draw upon and challenge the rhetorical conventions and temporal rhythms of evidentiary regimes, we ask: How do citizen science projects (re)orient the  goals and (re)purpose the tools of science? How are alternate forms of expertise taken  up, valued or rendered (im)permissible? How might these collaborations matter and for whom? Presenters are encouraged to draw on their experiences as we open up a discussion about the grounds that make collaborations possible, and in some instances necessary; the labours involved; the limitations and possibilities of citizen science projects; and the ways in which they can activate differences in the world.

Organizers :: Stephanie Creighton (Anthropology, YorkU), Emily Simmonds (STS, YorkU), and Kira Turner (Anthropology, YorkU)

Speakers :: Eric Mykhalovskiy (Sociology, YorkU) & Brian Beaton (iSchool, U Pittsburgh)

Discussants :: Kelly Ladd (STS, YorkU) & Emily Simmonds (STS, YorkU)

Location | Time  :: Artscape Youngplace,  Room 106, 4-6, p.m.


Stephanie Creighton, Emily Simmonds & Kira Turner