Life (Un)Ltd: Feminism, Bioscience, Race

Carmelita Tropicana as Ho

Announcing the new special issue of The Scholar & Feminist Online  that explores the intersections of science and technology studies, feminist and queer studies, and race and postcolonial studies.  Edited by Rachel Lee of UCLA’s Center for the Study of Women and resulting from a project that involving TTRU members, Lift (Un)Limited asks, “How have nonnormatively gendered bodies, poor women’s bodies, and gestational body parts served as opportune sites and sources for medical experimentation and the speculative contouring of life unlimited?”  The title lays bare the real and selective sites of living matter that reveal the ill effects of intensive speculation, extraction, and knowledge production by the global corporatized biotech industry and its heady promise of life beyond limits.

The issue includes an article by Michelle Murphy of the TTR:  “Distributed Reproduction, Chemical Violence and Latency”

Contributors include Laura Briggs, Rosemary Candelario, Melinda Cooper, Stephanie Hsu, Hannah Landecker, Rachel C. Lee, Kathleen McHugh, Michelle Murphy, Diane Nelson, Lisa A. Onaga, Catherine Sameh, Lindsay Smith, Susan Merrill Squier, Renee Tajima-Peña, and Anna E. Ward.