Technoscience Salon 2013-14 :: CRITICAL ITINERARIES

ImageSalon Theme ::  The 2013-14 Technoscience Salon invites participants to craft and share critical itineraries that respond to the political urgencies of lives and worlds altered by colonialism and expanding global capitalism. We acknowledge that the development of science and technology has been integral to aggressive resource extraction, the exploitation of marginalized peoples, colonialism and empire building, and inseparable from asymmetrical geopolitical relationships. However, technoscience studies has inadequately wrestled with the relations among the diversity of actors, knowledges, sites and cosmologies which inform the multiplicity of technoscience’s histories and practices. While recognizing how technoscience is deeply implicated in violence, how might we also attend to the non-hegemonic possibilities, alters, and elsewheres that are within technoscience? Read our provocation and see our events schedule here: http://technosalon.wordpress.com/