Astrid Schrader appointed Advanced Research Fellow at the University of Exeter

ImageWe are thrilled to congratulation Astrid Schrader on her appointment as a Advanced Research Fellow on the theme of Science, Technology and Culture in the Department of Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology at the University of Exeter.  Astrid served as postdoctoral fellow and co-organizor of the this year’s Technoscience Salon, which drew inspiration from her research into algae and indeterminacy to help us think through our theme of ecologies.  She also organized and led a graduate student writing collective that is currently developing an article toward a retheorization of ecologies as a keyword and analytic.  This year also saw the publication of the  exciting special issue of the journal Differences on the theme of Feminist Theory Out of Science, edited by Astrid and Sophia Roosth.  Heartfelt congratulations to Astrid!