Inflections Reading Collective

Inflections is a collaborative, critical reading effort shared amongst multidisciplinary graduate students and faculty, sponsored by the Technoscience Research Unit. The group engages texts on monthly theme.  In conversation with the work presented in “Open Concept,” the Technoscience Salon, the group aims to extend our lines of thinking, to deepen our commitments, and to build affinities across lines of discipline and experience.  Organized by Sarah Tracy (U of T) and Emily Simmonds (York), the reading collective welcomes anyone interested to join.

The first meeting on Forgiveness was on Friday Oct. 15th.   We read:

:: Claudia Card, “The Moral Powers of Victims” Chapter 8, The Atrocity Paradigm (OUP, 2002), pp. 166- 187.

:: Donna Haraway, “Sharing Suffering: Instrumental Relations betweenLaboratory Animals and Their People” Chapter 3, When Species Meet (Minnesota Press, 2008), pp.69-94.

The next meeting will take up questions of Experiment on Friday, Nov. 5, 3-5pm.  The group meets at 2016, Wilson Hall, New College, 20 Willocks St., University of Toronto