2010-2011 Technoscience Salon

Our third year of the Technoscience Salon is launching with a party on Oct. 1rst, at 3pm at the Magpie.

This year’s Salon will be experimenting with a new format we’re calling Open Concept which invite scholars, artists, and scientists  to work intensively and creatively together on a series of keywords that have been or might become generative for rethinking relations in technoscience.

Keywords for the fall will be Concepts, Forgiveness, and Experiment. Fall participants will include Natalie Jeremijenko, Joe Dumit, Natasha Myers, Alexis Shotwell, Alice MacLachlan, and Michelle Murphy.  We hope to post our work from each salon online.

This year the salon will also be  Salon will be accompanied by a reading group, organized by Emily Simmonds and Sarah Tracy.